"We come to you." No job is too small. We service all your home computing needs. Home users are not in controlled environments like office users are. We refer it to as “going into the jungle”, because outside the office anything goes, on a computer. If you’re experiencing it, chances are we have already seen it. Let Houston Techys fix your computer and get it running like new again. When we are done, we will explain exactly what the problem was and how to avoid it in the future. It’s much easier to maintain a healthy computer than it is to fix a sick one.

Our residential services include the following:

• PC troubleshooting and repair.
• Software installation
• Hardware upgrades
• Home Networking: Share your internet and printers
• Spyware/Adware remediation
• Virus detection and removal
• Wireless networking
• Laptop repair
We are small and local, just like you. Like every other developing field of work, big companies start to emerge. When this happens, quite often customer service levels and communication breaks down. The business flow in a small business is unique. There are always unexpected bends in the road that need to be dealt with on a more personal level. Being that we’re also a small business, we can cater to those needs; which leads to a job well done and a smiling customer.

Our business services include the following:

• Network design, implementation, and troubleshooting
• Complete server support
• PC troubleshooting and repair
• Software installation
• Upgrades and new system builds
• Spyware/Adware and virus solutions
• Laptop repair
• Data backup
• Firewall security
• Disaster recovery
• Email solutions